MND Awareness Day

Today is Global MND Awareness Day. It deserves a whole week or Month but here we are and I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. It’s a bit of a cop out because if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen the content already but it is important that I share this again far and wide.

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Lock down has been a positive experience for me as I have had Becky and Freddie all to myself. I’m not certain Becky feels the same way as she has been non stop since Race Week and Freddie is starting to get a little crazy. It seems trivial to moan about anything with so many people dead but it has a huge affect on anyone with a terminal illness. Statistically I have about 2 years to live and I’m looking at spending 6 months, probably more, stuck inside my house, missing out on holidays, trips, adventures and making memories. I’m manageable at the moment, Becky can move me on her own to where I need to be. Next year will be a different story I suspect. Hoists, carers and breathing equipment are all on the horizon.

On that happy note I’ll direct you to read my tweets below.